1. Voluntary, not forced
If something does not work in e-mail marketing, it is mailing to purchased databases of people who are absolutely not interested in your product and tungho7107. Therefore, an effective subscription is a voluntary subscription. For example, you can invite your site visitors to subscribe to news about a certain category of products or delight your e-mail subscribers every Wednesday with tips on a topic of interest. It is important that your letters not only reach the addressee, but also be interesting to him. But more on that later.

2. Segment
Smart people say: “Divide and conquer.” Email marketing is no exception to this rule. On the contrary, the more detailed the segmentation, the wider the reach and the more effective the return on the email marketing service. By knowing exactly who to sell horns to and who to sell hooves to, you will reach your KPIs faster than those who are trying to sell everything at once. Especially if the range of offers includes everything: from stylist services to wholesale soap bubbles.

3. Read me
Remember the “Eat Me” sign from Alice in Wonderland? Your text should be just as appetizing. Unfortunately, we often underestimate the importance of a professional approach to writing a text. But in email marketing there is no place for risky experiments with text, as it is the main working tool here. The quality of the text should be at its best, so if you doubt your literary abilities, entrust the texts to a professional or order

4. Be friendly
Do not use the forbidden email marketing techniques that you read about in special textbooks. If you are writing a useful article, then do not mix advertising into it, if you have frankly promotional material, do not disguise it as TOP 5 recommendations on the topic. Do not forget that getting into personal mail is like coming home to your client – show respect, do not take him for an idiot.

5. Be cute
As you already understood, the main thing in email marketing is the text, but its design also matters. The author’s design of your emails can often replace a high-quality headline or an intriguing lead text.

Using just these five simple rules, you can greatly increase the response to your newsletter, and therefore sales. Keep this in mind when you create the next layout or choose a company to which you entrust this responsible task.