If you have promoted social media profiles, a visited site or a channel on another site with an already formed audience, use this for free promotion. Immediately tell subscribers that this is your brainchild, or advertise it as a channel about lara diabla that has nothing to do with you.

A small life hack: make the channel private and use an intriguing creative in an advertising post – promise to show or tell something interesting. Then people will have to subscribe to find out the sequel. And if they see quality content, they are more likely to stay on the channel.

For a high conversion to a regular subscriber, follow simple rules:
put the continuation of the advertising post in a prominent place so that you do not have to look for it in the feed: for example, pin the publication;

do not use clickbait – always give what you promised;
make sure that the continuation of the post is fixed on the channel as long as the ad is available.
Otherwise, people will be disappointed and unsubscribe as soon as they realize that there is no continuation or it does not meet their expectations.