How to set up a microphone in Telegram on a computer so that the interlocutors hear your every word, you feel comfortable talking and really want to call and record voices? Let us introduce you to the relevant parameters and okichloeo, it’s easy!

Setting up the device on a computer
Usually, the microphone settings in Telegram are set automatically after downloading and starting the program. However, no one is immune from errors and failures, so you need to be able to work with the parameters of the recording device.

Open your desktop application;
Click on the three stripes in the upper left;
Find the “Calls” tab;
Click on three points, they will appear in a new window at the top right;
Click on the “Call settings” icon;
A new menu will appear, where the Telegram microphone setting is available.
What is the main thing for the correct exchange of calls or voice messages? Choose the right device that is connected to your computer!

In the “Recorder” section, you will see the “Default” value.

Click to select a different device, if necessary. Make sure to select the correct device. Otherwise, the normal quality of the conversation will not be achieved! Nobody simply hears you.

In fact, this is where you can complete the configuration of the microphone in the Telegram for the computer. You have selected the desired device and made sure it works – the playback volume is displayed in the same menu.

But we advise you to do something else. Be sure to activate the “Allow receiving calls on this device” option by switching the toggle switch to the active position. If you do not enable this function, you will not be able to talk to other people!

Now click on the Go to System Sound Settings icon. The system will automatically transfer you to the computer menu, where you can make sure that the correct device is selected, the sound output sources are correctly allocated, the volume is turned on and much more.

We turn on on the smartphone
You already know how to set up a microphone in Telegram on a computer – it is worth saying a few words about mobile devices. Basically, the recorder starts working automatically right after the application is installed. As soon as you make the first call, record a voice or video message!

But many users forget that the system requires permission to access the device. If you did not give permission when installing the application, you will have to come back to this question later. So, how to turn on the microphone in Telegram on Android and iPhone?

Open your smartphone settings;
Find the section with installed applications and find the name of the messenger in it;
Look for a recording device and make sure the access permission is activated. Ready!

Now you don’t have to worry – the quality of your conversations is guaranteed to be at its best.

Here’s how to set up your Telegram microphone in the best way! Now your communication will reach a new level, it will be easier and more pleasant to talk, all interlocutors will hear you. Keep our instructions, they will definitely come in handy.