Instagram announced a change in its account deactivation policy. The innovation provides for a warning to the user before an immediate account lockout occurs.

We all know that In

stagram automatically blocks accounts for violating community rules, and not always really understanding the reason. The company has been repeatedly criticized for banning completely harmless photos (mothers breastfeeding or photographs of works of art, etc.).

From now on, users will have the opportunity to appeal the moderation decision regarding posts on suspicion of nudity and pornography, as well as incitement to hatred, etc. That is, now we will not be caught out of the blue the next time we open an account. The user will be given the opportunity to appeal the moderator’s decision directly in the application, and not only through the Help Center, as before.

In addition, Instagram can now delete accounts that have a certain number of violations within a certain period of time.

If content is found to have been removed in error, we will restore the message and remove the violation from your account record.
Changes in Instagram policy, namely the ability to appeal decisions directly on the social network, will appear in the near future.

Instagram, despite its popularity, is quite difficult and confusing to organize work with users. For example, to recover a lost password.