Now only bloggers can make money on personal videos or photos. That is, people who purposefully and regularly work on their pages, promoting them in all sorts of ways. And only after reaching a certain popularity, they expect money from advertisers to tell about their products in their social networks.

Now everything will be much easier. Everyone who shares high-quality interesting information can honestly earn money on this. At the same time, in a completely transparent and honest way, without the help of third-party advertising.

In the latest press release, Odnoklassniki announced a new possibility to support broadcast authors. Now viewers can directly encourage them. Users can buy gifts and give them to the authors of the videos they like. The author can use these gifts to pay for internal services in OK or convert to rubles.

To send thanks to the viewer, click on “Support” and select a gift for the author of the video you like. Received gifts come in the form of virtual currency OKi, which will be converted at the rate of 0.42 rubles per 1 OK. Now there is even more motivation to share useful information with subscribers and friends. Thus, the content should become better and more interesting.