To add a site page to the “bookmarks”, the user does not need to leave the resource. Materials are saved in a few clicks, without additional confirmation. At the same time, VKontakte promises to implement a mechanism to remind visitors about a bookmark on your resource, which can increase “return” traffic.

Social bookmarks are increasingly in demand among users who use several different gadgets at the same time, including mobile devices. They replace traditional browser bookmarks, which are saved in the device’s memory.

When using social bookmarks, there is no difficulty in saving bookmarks when reinstalling the system or using different devices by one user. All information is stored on the network, and access to it is provided by a single login and password on different devices. Social bookmarks in their classic form allow you to share and exchange saved materials with other users, as well as create communities for sharing bookmarks.

Vkontakte have created their own simplified version of social bookmarks. So far, the exchange of bookmarks by users has not been announced.

This function is implemented by installing the VKontakte widget on the site. In this case, you can select the location of the button “bookmarks” and its size – from 18 to 30 px. All the user’s saved pages will be displayed on Vkontakte in one place – in the “bookmarks” block. Previously, all materials (images, articles, videos) that users liked were saved there. Now a separate section with a corresponding title serves for this purpose.

You can download the widget code for installation on the site here.

When saving site pages to bookmarks, authorization confirmation is not required, it is very fast and convenient enough for users.